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Academia 2.01

Are you a student working on your way to obtaining PhD or a postdoc who wants to become a professor? In this post, I want to share some ideas I have 'extracted' from my journey in academia. This journey has been relatively short (about 10 years) but I believe during this time I still learned something important that can be of value for the people interested in science and those who want to pursue an academic path (and beyond).

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Monday Morning Effect

Friday evening. While his friends had already met in the Pub on Shattuck Avenue to celebrate a happy hour, UC Berkeley's Ph.D. student Henry Bryndza was still in the Lab. He wanted to finish preparation of his samples so that he could come over on Monday morning to focus on the NMR measurements, not worrying about sample preparations. In order to suppress chemical reactions which could have started in his samples over the weekend, Henry put them in the liquid nitrogen dewar (T=-196℃).

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Recording of the seminar (master-level course on Group Theory applied to molecular systems at JGU, Mainz, summer 2023) devoted to the electronic structure of the NV(-) centers in diamonds.

In this talk, we present our recent work demonstrating that parahydrogen-based spin chemistry can generate hyperpolarized molecules (urea, alcohols, amino acids, ammonium, glucose, etc.) for benchtop (1 tesla) NMR as well as for zero- to ultralow-field (ZULF) NMR. I will describe the basics of exchange-based hyperpolarization and discuss potential applications for chemical analysis.

And more classes are coming!